Welcome to Life’s Luxuries & Lovely Little Extras

You can have lovely little extras too


It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, when  you are busy working and running your home. But stopping to add the lovely little extras is important.


“Discover easy ways to have wonderful luxury in your life”


I’m a mother and a professional in a leadership role. Life is a juggle!

If, like me,  indulgences (big and small) and gifts ‘from you to you’ bring smiles all round, then you’ve come to the right place.  If you like to do your best in your professional  life, then you’ve come to the right place.


For the things you want rather than the things you need


As a professional and a parent, it’s probably not too guilt inducing to say I need some extras and some occasional luxury in my life.  I work hard at doing well, improving myself personally and also professionally and focussing on the right things is what makes it easier.


Professionals need wellbeing


Like many professionals I work at high speed and high stress for long hours, and wellbeing is a vital part of living. Making the best of what I have and what I am and feeling good about it.


Parents crave family time


Like every parent I’ve ever met, time and enjoyment as a family is a premium event, so any little extra that can enhance our family life, make any of us feel better, or free up time in our whirlwind days is a little extra worth the splash.

I don’t think we will get as far as dispensing with the necessities, but we can all have some luxuries and extras.

Blog to indulge


I’ve started my blog to ensure I remember to indulge now and then, but also to refocus on my goals . It is not a selling page, although our affiliations are clearly underscored. By clicking on our links sends a small commission to us at no expense to you.

We aren’t about to start filling your inbox with unnecessary marketing hyperbole!

If you want to start a blog its easy and if you make it pay for itself, then all the better, if it helps you do what you love.


I’m happy to share my beginner journey with anyone who asks. I’ve written a few blog posts on that topic too.


Happy blogging. If you do start up a hosted blog with bluehost, I’d love to hear from you and find out how its going.

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